How can I replace my card if I lost, damaged, or destroyed it?We will happily replace your card the first time this occurs. We strongly encourage you to laminate your card to protect from damage. If you repeatedly lose or damage your card, we reserve the right to charge you $25 for additional replacements.

My certificate expired a few months ago. What do I need to do and how much do I need to pay to renew it?
To renew an expired certificate, we need to see you in person for a follow up appointment. If your qualifying condition has changed, we will also need new records to review as part of our pre-screening process. If your certificate expired less than 2 months ago, your cost for renewing remains $149 and your new certificate will be pre-dated to start on the date your last certificate expired. If your certificate expired more than 2 months ago, your cost for renewing is $219 and your certificate will be dated when we see you for your follow up appointment. We may ask you for additional medical records to ensure that you still qualify for certification.

Related question: why is my renewal certificate dated in the past?
Renewal certificates are dated to correspond with the expiration of your prior certificate so you maintain continuous coverage and will not be penalized for using or obtaining medical marijuana without a valid certificate. Your medical marijuana certificate is like the license plate tags on your vehicle. If you opt to renew your license plate tags after the date they expire, you do not receive new tags based on the date you re-apply but on the date the tag last expired. Otherwise, drivers would be rewarded for renewing late. 

How come my renewal certificate hasn’t arrived yet? My follow up appointment happened a while ago.
Because the state doesn’t allow us to post-date certificates, renewal certificates are generally mailed out a week or two before your current certificate expires. That way, you get the full year out of your current certificate. If you haven’t received your renewal certificate within 4 days of your expiration date, call us so we can double check that yours went out.