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How does this work?

Short version.
1. We require payment before we schedule you for an appointment and provide you with your certificate.

2. Prior to your appointment, you must undergo a pre-certification process. This involves sending us external proof of your qualifying condition. Except for chronic pain, this proof is usually met by having your doctor fax or email us records from your last doctor's visit.

3. If we are unable to certify you, w
e will refund your payment.  

Long version.
Maine residents wishing to become one of our patients must have one of the fourteen "qualifying conditions" accepted by the state (
click here for more information). Many Maine patients qualify by having pain that is insufficiently relieved by other medical treatments for over six months. The types of disorders qualifying under the pain category include such things as arthritis, headaches, prior trauma, fibromyalgia, and the like. For such patients to be certified, this history of pain must be verifiable through prior medical records. 

The certification process itself is simple. Patients are provided with a one-year certificate at the conclusion of their office visit, allowing them to legally purchase (or grow) marijuana for their own medical use. 

Prospective patients should be reassured that our services are absolutely confidential. Patient information, medical history, clinic visits, and any communications are kept private. Maine privacy laws regarding medical marijuana certification and use are both patient-oriented and progressive. Accordingly, patient records are never released to the state or medical facilities outside our clinic (unless the patient specifically tell us to do so).

Note that we are not a dispensary and do not provide medical marijuana or other medications. Our service provides the physician certification required by the state of Maine that allows patients to legally access any of Maine's eight medical marijuana dispensaries (or grow or receive medical marijuana through other legally-permissible means).

We encourage you to call or email us with questions or to schedule an appointment. All calls or emails are handled respectfully and with our assurance of complete privacy.
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