Medical marijuana strains
PART ONE: CBD-intense strains.
Many patients have asked what strains are truly high in cannabidiol (CBD) content since CBD is purported to have less psychotropic effects and more potent anti-pain effects than THC. For example, the high-CBD Colorado strain, Charlotte's Web, has been successfully used to treat intractable seizures in children.

The only way of truly determining what strains contain medically-useful amounts of CBD is by objective laboratory testing. In Maine, such testing has demonstrated proportionally high CBD content in the following strains: Shark Shock, Cannatonic, Yummy, and AC/DC. 

(Though some growers have been advertising the Harlequin strain as high in CBD. Note that based on specific testing, Harlequin does not have useful amounts of CBD.)

PART TWO: Patient reviews of general strains.
These Maine medical marijuana strain reviews were submitted to us by some of our own patients who we certified under the chronic pain qualification. We’re providing these to help other patients decide what strains might work for their own conditions. Since these are subjective descriptions, your own experience may vary.
A-Train (50% sativa/50% indica).
A balanced effect of relaxation and clarity of thinking. More precision on intake needs attention here. Less is more in this case. Resolves intense pain effectively.
Blue Dream (60% sativa/40% indica).
This cross of blueberry and haze is known for its very pleasant fruity-tangy-earthy taste, blue color, and strong and lasting, mixed mind and body high. The high starts with a sativa high and finishes around 3 hours later with a relaxing indica-like muscle easing and pain killing effect. When vaporized, the effect is more subtle and mellow.
Cannatonic (50% sativa/50% indica).
Cannatonic is very herbaceous and mild with a dramatic subsidence of pain. The effect is mild, whether vaped or administered by any other method. The best 50/50 blend for not getting too heady and feeling the difference in pain relief.
Cheese (80% indica/20% sativa).
This is another strangely unique mix in that although it is 80% indica, clarity of thinking is present, however, be prepared to be extremely relaxed. Since activity is limited, watching TV, reading a book or other simple tasks that need not the benefit of critical thinking will be the only suggested activities. Pain relief is amazing.
Chocolope (95% sativa).
Has the least heady effect but resolves pain in the muscles, migraines and other aches in the body. Faculties are slightly affected, leaving clarity of thinking and ability to still utilize critical thinking and other skills, except driving or operating machinery.
Medibud (60% indica 40% sativa).
Pain relief goes away in no time flat with this strain. There is something about this 60/40% that has a heavy-weight effect if dosage is not closely monitored. This strain does better with vaporizers to relief pain and control the headiness, which can be a bit of a rush out of nowhere suddenly when consumed by burning it. Vaporizing tempers this effect.
Mother of Berry, also known as MOB (90% indica 10% sativa).
Extremely relaxing, sleep is deep and recuperative which aids in getting rid of pain during the night and waking up with the pain subsided. WARNING: Be prepared for an energy drink the next day. A cup of coffee just won't do it if you are a 4 a.m. riser.