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Since our business is largely word-of-mouth, we sincerely appreciate any feedback from our patients. Please feel please send us a review of our services at any time. If you have a Yelp account, you may also leave us a Yelp review. Otherwise, email your review to us at

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PB, Jefferson, 7/18/19.
   I do appreciate what Dr. Li and his team are doing. What I find concerning is that some ‘clinics’ are not providing CBD anymore and some of the people running them probably don't know what they are doing. I guess self research is important. But a lot  of us, me included, are really winging it. But gradually these places will go out of business. Not sure this is helpful. But as long as Dr. Li is in place we will all be better off.
DN, Bristol, 6/27/19.
   My experience with Dr. Li was entirely positive. He was understanding and informative. His advice and guidance was sensible and clear. I recommend him to anyone interested in medical cannabis use.
Anon, 6/27/19.
   My experience with MMJ was great from the start. They told me what they needed & they set me up for a prompt appointment. I had virtually no wait time. Dr. Li was really great. He asked me about all my medical history & not just the one I was there about, we fully discussed why I was there, what other methods I tried to alleviate my issue & what I hoped to gain from MMJ. We also discussed other things he knew of that helped w/ my issue in addition to MMJ. He spent a good amount of time w/ me.  He was very approachable & welcoming & completely put me at ease so I felt fine asking him anything & telling him anything. He asked me to give him feedback & I did & he responded. The staff (actually just one person when I arrived) was very welcoming too & completely put me at ease as well - both before & after my meeting w/ Dr. Li.
   The best of all - it helped a lot - A LOT - A COMPLETE REVERSAL OF MY SITUATION - with a situation I had been struggling w/ for years & years & for which I had tried everything - standard prescription meds, acupuncture, over the counter meds, etc. w/o any relief. It has changed my life!
BH, Brunswick, 8/22/18.
   After more than 20 years with chronic pain from spinal arthritis and then a fibromyalgia diagnosis, I had tried just about every non-opioid, pain-management treatment out there with little relief. 
   Then recently a friend said to me, "You need to go see Dr. Li."  Boy, am I glad I did!  
   The Maine MMJ physician's office was very professional from the first phone call. They managed to squeeze me in to see Dr. Li, and he was so welcoming, kind, and compassionate. I felt I could ask him anything. These people are here to help improve people's lives. And they have definitely improved mine.  
   I'm still on a prescription for chronic nerve pain (not an opioid), but now, three months in with cannabis, I am beginning to have more good days each week, and hope to eventually wean off the prescription med as my pain levels continue to improve.  
   Thank you so much, Dr. Li and Maine MMJ Physician Services, for helping me to function better!
LH, Bath, 8/22/18.
   I suffer from fibromyalgia and other autoimmune disorders. I have been to at least 25 doctors over the past 30 years. With few exceptions, doctors either handed me addictive prescriptions or wrote me off as a hypochondriac.  
   Dr. Li was the first physician to give me real hope in managing my chronic pain and insomnia. He spent time with me, thoroughly reviewed my records, and treated me with respect and dignity, explaining the use of medical marijuana to someone who had never used it. 
   Dr. Li went well beyond what an ordinary physician would do to ensure I left his office with sufficient information to make an informed decision. His staff is professional and courteous. 
   I would highly recommend the Maine MMJ Physician Services. They are outstanding, especially in helping those of us with chronic conditions that many doctors would prefer not to treat.
BT, Newcastle, 8/22/18.
   Where do I begin? The whole process was a breeze, from signing up for a pre-qualifier to easy online payments. Everyone was so efficient and friendly. I have recommended you to any and all people with chronic pain.
   The day that I met with Dr. Li really put me at ease. He answered all of my questions and educated me in layman's terms (refreshing). Very compassionate care.
   You all have changed my life. I can exercise, walk around town, play with my dog. A REAL LIFE!!
  I know words do not do justice as to how grateful I am but please know meeting you was a game changer. All the best.
PR, Tenants Harbor, 8/22/18.
   Dr. Li and Corinne were very professional and made the process very efficient. Dr. Li answered all of my questions. Thanks to MMJ.
RW, Topsham, 5/21/18.
   I am so grateful to Dr. Li and the staff at Maine MMJ Physician Services.  From my very first phone call I found the staff to be kind & professional. They simplified the process with clear communication and fast response times.
   Dr. Li was approachable & sympathetic. He took the time to listen to me and answer all of my questions. I feel like he actually cares about me!  
   I trust Maine MMJ Physician Services and know that I can reach out to them at any time for support and information.  With their help, my quality of life has been upgraded exponentially because I finally have a method of pain relief that actually works for me. Thank you Maine MMJ!
PK, Damariscotta, 4/10/18.
   My experience with MMJ was incredible. You made me feel very comfortable, both in atmosphere and attitude. All my questions were answered and I left with a feeling of relief that I had found a solution to my seizures. I am so grateful that you are in Damariscotta. Thank you.
CT, Waldoboro. 6/26/17.
   My experience through this office was amazing. I feel so much better. You all are so helpful.
DT, Waldoboro. 5/22/17.
   I found the experience with Dr. Li to be very helpful. I like discussing medical concerns with a medical provider, and the success of the medical marijuana with my physical complaints.  I have found the MJ to be very beneficial for my insomnia and irritable bowel syndrome (edibles). In terms of my pain patterns, I find the relaxation benefit very helpful.
JB, Edgecomb. 5/19/17.
   WONDERFUL!!  I cannot begin to tell you how much better I am feeling ! Many thanks. 
JW, Waldoboro. 4/26/17.
   Medical marijuana has brought comfort to myself as well as my family. This is because they get to see me much more active rather than resting in discomfort. Thumbs up!
DC, Boothbay Harbor. 3/27/17.   
   I have been in pain 24/7 for the past five years and have tried everything from opioid drugs to acupuncture to exercise and finally to surgery. Nothing helped. My physician suggested MMJ, and I hesitantly followed his advice. I just wish I had done so years ago. The friendly atmosphere in the Damariscotta office is without parallel, and I cannot say enough about the warm, empathetic care and concern shown me by Dr. Gold. All my questions were readily answered, as well as my fears completely allayed. I am truly grateful for the wonderful experience at Maine MMJ Physician Services.
MM, Spruce Head. 3/23/17.
  I have been in unremitting pain since 2012.  I am unable to tolerate any and all pain medications. I really thought my life was over until I met Dr Gold. The MMJ Clinic has  made all the difference in my life. Dr Gold and her staff are unfailingly kind and understanding. And best of all I am feeling better!
KB, Boothbay Harbor. 1/31/17.
   You made me feel a lot better about the whole thing! Been putting it off for a long time trying to tough it out. Thanks and bless you both!
CT, Friendship. 1/4/17.
   We recently visited the MMJ clinic to certify for medical marjuana to control aggressive Alzheimer's behavior. After finally finding a place to park in pre-holiday Damariscotta, we were greeted by a pleasant environment, lovely people, and had a good visit. Thank you, Dr. Gold, for making this such a pleasant, easy experience. I highly recommend this practice to anyone seeking MM certification. 
SL, E Boothbay. 1/2/17.
   A caring atmosphere, good caring people, will guide you through easily. Dr. Gold is very helpful. Please go to MMJ.
DW, Bristol. 12/29/16.
   My experience with Dr. Gold could not have gone better. She was very pleasant, down to earth, professional, thorough and patient with all my questions.  I felt well informed and positive after the appointment.
CG, Bristol, 12/29/16.
   I was astonished that after my first use of tincture after twenty years of Oxycontin, then methadone, I could feel a weak back, a bit of exhaustion, but couldn't identify the pain which stole my life. I have cut back 30% of pain meds and expect to cut further, but my wife would prefer that I would not go through withdrawal during the holidays!
   Many thanks-- I never would have believed it!
LR, Bath. 12/24/16.
   After dealing with not only seizures and migraines for the past 18 yrs I also have debilitating back pain. That a lot of day for me were spent in a recliner or in bed. Coming from PA where they had no medical marijuana this was a new concept for me I was almost ashamed at first because I have told my children drugs are bad. I also work in the healthcare field so seeing the wide spread opioid addiction I looked more into marijuana. I was nervous when I made my appointment at MMJ I didn't know what to expect but as soon as I walk into the office it was like I was sitting and talking to friends. I now have a better handle on all of my illnesses thanks you so much for making my life better and more livable.
KM, Durham. 11/12/16.
   After spending five years fighting a losing battle with chronic pain and not wanting to become addicted to pain pills, I was spending 90% of my life in bed pain. 
   I had originally able to receive my medical marijuana card through my primary care physician, however their rules have changed and I was referred to Maine MMJ. I waited for quite some time, being anxiety ridden. I worried it was one of "those places" where you hand them money and anyone can pretty much buy a card. I didn't want any part of that. I was serious and wanted to talk to someone who could answer my questions. My only regret is that I waited so long! Dr. Li is very nice. He put me at ease right away. I didn't feel rushed. The explanations he gave concerning types of pain and different pain meds in comparison to medicinal use of marijuana was very interesting to me.  I'm grateful to have been referred to Dr. Li. I would recommend Maine MMJ to all in need. I found the marijuana also helped with the daily nausea as well as appetite. Thank you Maine MMJ for your help in getting a bit of my life back & I believe there's more to  come! 😊
LM, Durham. 11/6/16.
   I want to express my gratitude for the respectful compassionate care given to me by your office through Corinne and by Dr. Minda Gold, from making the appointment to my interview with Dr. Gold.
JB, Bath. 11/2/16.
   After dealing with chronic back pain after a car accident in 2007, and taking numerous prescription and OTC drugs to no avail, I decided it was time to change my approach to pain management. I was fearful of making that first appointment due to the stigma of MMJ and fear of being turned down. I was put at ease right from the get go. The receptionist that called to make the appointment with me was courteous and informative. Dr. Gold treated me like an individual and not just another patient. Our conversation was relaxed, honest, and thorough. I was so impressed with the compassion she showed me that I have since referred friends and family and will continue to do so. Thank you all so much for your warmth and kindness.
GM, Liberty. 11/2/16.
   Great service and friendly people. Thanks.
JL, Damariscotta. 10/31/16.
   The process leading up to getting my card was easier and more comfortable than I expected. Dr. Gold and the receptionist were very helpful and are great people to work with. Wish I had done it sooner. Thanks again MMJ.
CN, Boothbay Harbor. 10/31/16.
   Thank you to the professional team at MMJ for the great guidance and support throughout my pain relief program. I hope daily that people who are looking for pain relief control have the choice of medicinal marijuana to reduce pain without looking to more harmful and addictive medications.
JD, Belfast. 9/21/16.
   The staff is very friendly and have a compassionate understanding of the issues with chronic pain.
PS, Bath. 9/10/16.
   Dr. Gold was very thorough, kind, and compassionate. She explained everyting so that I could understand it all. The front desk with Corinne was also wonderful service. She explained things to me as well and made it a most pleasant appointment.
Anonymous, Augusta. 8/14/16.
   Thank you. I was with him at the end. He died at home. Comfortably and quietly, thanks in a very large part, to your medicine.
JP, Appleton. 7/26/16.
   Dr. Gold made me feel very comfortable talking to her and feel at ease after my appointment. The medicine helps relieve my chronic back pain and feel comfortable. I decided to go a more alternative and natural approach to pain relief after trying a pharmaceutical approach. Thank you MMJ.
JR, Bangor. 7/14/16.
   It was a pleasure meeting you and Dr. Gold. I have used the Wellness Connection in Brewer and found the people there just as helpful and professional. My pain has decreased, as has my insomnia! Thank you for your support and services!
DS, Bristol. 7/14/16.
   My arthritis had made pain in my left knee a real problem. Diabetes and heart bypass surgery required exercise as part of my treatment and recovery.  My knee pain made that virtually impossible. Cortisone injections were not effective and I was looking for an alternative to knee replacement. A friend told me how well marijuana (particularly cannabis salve) had worked in controlling his joint arthritis pain. Fortunately, my PCP was receptive to the option and started the ball rolling with her referral to MMJ. After that, all went very smoothly including my final interview with Dr. Gold. Everyone in the chain was courteous and compassionate including the staff at the dispensary in Thomaston. They were particularly helpful in answering my questions. (Glad that office is moving to Bath...shorter commute for me!)
   At first I didn’t experience a great improvement in managing my pain. But then I started to realize that I WAS experiencing less pain. I'm able to walk to the post office about a half mile away. Hadn't been able to do that for almost a year.   
   Am I a convert? Absolutely. It has worked for me and I’m particularly grateful to everyone at MMJ for making the whole experience anxiety-free and friendly.
GM, Liberty. 7/12/16.
   Thank you for a very nice experience renewing my certificate!
AM, Durham. 5/23/2016.
   After my inquiries into the health benefits of medical marijuana usage for my condition which involved stenosis of the lower lumbar which would be debilitating at times. I went ahead and mentioned to my doctor who was very open about and agreed that this was a step in the right direction for those days where pain can be a major issue. The process of having the paperwork filled out was speedily done as my doctors office highly recommended Maine MMJ to handle my case. 
   After meeting with Dr. Gold and her pleasant staff who were able to answer any questions I had regarding the procurement and usage of as well as the legalities of medical marijuana. I was in and out of the office in a relatively short time. I am and in the future would highly recommend going to this office for the ease and comforting nature of the doctors and staff. 

CB, Phippsburg. 5/20/2016.
   From the moment I picked up the phone and called your office I was greeted with warmth, and a relaxed kindness. The process was fast and I had my card within weeks. The payment process couldn't be simpler, and the whole thing really was easy and hassle free. I plan on being with your office for years to come. I've been in the medical marijuana business for about 6 years, and this was truly one of my best experiences. Thank you Dr. Gold, and Dr. Li.
DH, Waldoboro. 5/20/2016.
   Great people, I was not about money or another number, I was listened to and Dr. Li understood me and loved the way marijuana also helped me to stop smoking cigarettes and kept me away from other drugs and alcohol. MMJ also went a step further and helped me get a patient, for I am also a caregiver. Don't hesitate to get the right care from MMJ.
SP, Carmel. 5/14/2016.
   Thank you for the relief from pain I receive through your services. My quality of life has improved ten-fold and my health future looks brighter today.

DC, Liberty. 3/16/2016.
   I applied for the medical marijuana certification and with supporting documents from my doctors in short order I was approved and scheduled for an office visit. I am very favorably impressed with the whole operation. On line and phone questions were answered promptly. The office is clean, neat and comfortable. The office visit with Dr. Gold was very smooth, thorough and professional. The office person friendly and knowledgeable. All around first rate. All of my questions were answered.

KS, Tenants Harbor. 1/28/2016. 
   I really enjoyed meeting with Dr. Gold. She seemed to really care about my concerns and answered all of my questions. I feel confident that I have made the right choice in choosing a medical marijuana provider. I honestly enjoyed my visit and was given a lot of information that I could use to ease my symptoms. I would definitely recommend the MMJ clinic to anyone who is considering medical marijuana.

LR, Readfield. 12/21/2015.
   After I built up the courage to discuss MMJ with my personal physician and received positive feedback, I contacted Dr. Li. His guidance and support made the whole process so much easier than I had expected. I eventually met with Dr. Gold to obtain my certification. It felt like I finally found someone who truly cared and understood my condition and my reasons for wanting to try MMJ. I could not be more sure that I made the right decision by contacting this great team.

VT, Pittson. 11/9/2015.
   I was very comfortable calling for information and directions. The reception was informative and polite. The doctor was informative, empathetic, and listened well. Thank you for making a new experience less stressful! I will be referring people!

SR, Richmond. 9/4/2015.
   After being sick for almost two years, I decided it was time to try some alternative options for treatment. Following several discussions with my PCP and other doctors, I did some research and eventually settled with Dr. Li and Maine MMJ, as they were the most caring and helpful on the phone while other offices wouldn't even answer my phone calls after receiving my information and multiple requests.
   Since my first contact with the office, this has been one of the best medical experiences of my life. Dr. Li and the rest of the staff at Maine MMJ are very caring, helpful, knowledgeable, and supportive of me and my unique medical situation. I would recommend this office to anyone who is looking into or interested in using medical marijuana for their own needs. Dr. Li has been one of the most professional and invested members of my medical team, and he has made this entire process simple and patient-friendly.
RO, Durham. 9/4/2015.
   I'm one of your patients and am receiving benefit from a sativa for military PTSD with related anxiety and sleep loss. Dr Sanjay Gupta recently had a documentary called Weed 3 where part of it was directly related to PTSD. You can find this on YouTube and it is interesting what he says.
LF, Rockland. 8/19/2015.
   I have to say that Dr. Gold is the most caring and considerate physician I've ever met. How encouraging to know that there is some hope for the medical profession. My experience with mainstream medicine has been disappointing.
AP, Windsor. 7/18/2015.
  I found my visit with Dr. Li to be very informative.  He really worked with me to understand what strains of medical marijuana would work the best for relieving my back pain. He also offered a lot of information on alternative therapies and how to track down a thorough diagnosis of what the root cause of the nerve pain could be. I appreciated his knowledge and eagerness to share alternative products within the medical marijuana like salves, topical creams and tinctures that I have found very helpful in relieving my pain. I also found the office to be a very comfortable place and everyone who worked there was very kind.

LP, Belfast. 6/22/2015.
   I'm a patient of Dr. Li. On my first visit I was a bit nervous, not knowing what to expect. As soon as I met him, I sensed a very kind and understanding person. He seems to know and understand the need for medical marijuana by people who have endured a lot, either physically or mentally. I would recommend visiting Dr. Li if this is the path you want to take. Dr. Li will help you and give you hope. 
CS, Eddington. 6/9/2015.
 I have been meaning to follow up with you. Since my visit with Dr. Gold, I would like to report that I have been doing well by using strains of indica which sooths my physical pains and does wonders for the PTSD condition. I hope more patients would become comfortable in going through the process to acquire their card to gain access to legal supply of marijuana. Please give my best regards to Dr. Gold and let her know that I miss her hugs already.
SC, Newcastle. 6/9/2015.
   I cannot express my gratitude for the care I receive through MMJ. Dr. Gold is very empathetic and knowledgeable. I was very nervous about the process and the phone conversation I had along with a fast appointment time was perfect. The office is handy and they are available by phone during the day for questions. I have a diagnosis of cancer and since finding a great caregiver I can be calm and I can sleep, something that I could not do before. I know I will be supported and can ask questions.

JR, Augusta. 6/9/2015.
   We found Dr. Li and his staff to be kind and very understanding of our problems with pain that was keeping us awake most nights. We use edibles every night and now sleep at least 6 to 8 hours a night without pain. Being an MD, Dr. Li understands and helps his patients to understand how medical marihuana works to relieve your problems. Thank you Dr. Li and staff.
TC, Boothbay Harbor. 6/9/2015.
   After pain relief meds and tons of physical therapy I turned to the folks at Maine MMJ for a alternative solution and found them to be very helpful. Dr. Gold was wonderful. I highly recommend them for your alternative to modern day medicine.
SF, China. 5/24/2015.
   I have spent years looking for an alternative to the many medications I was taking, most of them leaving me nearly non functional. When I heard about Maine MMJ from a friend who was dealing with a similar situation I decided it was worth a try. It has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. Dr. Li explained how medical marijuana would help my situation and he made me feel good about my choice to explore this new medicine. I walked out of his office excited for what this new treatment was going to do for me. A few months later and Dr. Li was 100% correct on everything he said to me about how this was going to help. I would highly recommend Dr. Li and Maine MMJ, they were kind, professional, and very educational. Thank you Maine MMJ for helping me take my life back!

CT, Princeton. 4/29/2015.
   My wife and I just wanted to let you know that our visit at Maine MMJ was outstanding. We weren't sure what to expect as this was a very new experience for both of us. Dr. Gold and the staff made us feel very comfortable during the interview and examination process. I would definitely recommend Maine MMJ.

TK, Rockland. 4/24/2015.
   Having no tolerance for the opiates that the doctor prescribed to me after my surgery, the medical marijuana was a godsend. I could now manage my pain without being completely useless during the day. At first I was nervous about slapping a "stoner" label on myself, what with all the stigma surrounding medical marijuana, but I was quickly put at ease by the professionalism and genuine concern of staff at MMJ.
RR, Harpswell. 4/24/2015.
   After switching over doctors for my Maine marijuana card I was kind of nervous and uneasy about the whole situation until I got to the office and it was immediately a relaxed and laid back atmosphere. My last doctor’s office was small and packed full of other patients coming and going constantly. Even the doctor seemed to be on edge and walked around the building several times while I was there making me feel like something was very shady going on. At MMJ it was quiet and everyone was friendly completely wiping away my anxiety. If you like taking it cool, calm and low key, MMJ is the perfect office to apply or renew your marijuana certificate!
Anonymous, Jackman. 4/23/2015.
  I would like to take a moment to thank Dr. Li, Corinne, and the staff of Maine MMJ for creating such a warm, professional and flexible atmosphere in welcoming a patient who deals with a severe and chronic illness. I found Dr. Li very knowledgeable in the world of alternative treatments and medicines and felt very comfortable in discussing medicinal options. I would highly recommend Maine MMJ and Dr. Li to any new or transfer patients. Thank you Maine MMJ for helping me continue living a better quality of life.

ZD, Alna. 3/2/2015.
   I was amazed by how quickly Maine MMJ in Damariscotta was able to get me an appointment. I looked around at a couple different doctors and all they cared about was when I could pay them. I called Maine MMJ and they answered all my questions and waited until they had my records before charging me. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a good experience towards a better medication.
   Marijuana is the only pain medication I can take because as a former addict I can't have opiates. I appreciate a doctor that is practicing to help his patients not gain a huge profit.
KD, Corinna. 2/25/2015.
   I'm very happy with the service I've received!

DC, Holden. 1/25/2015.
   I found my visit with Dr. Li very informative and refreshing! Very nice to have met someone who understands a less travelled route to a better mental life! Thanks people!! All smiles on my end!
KA, Camden. 1/21/2015.
   I would recommend the MMJ clinic to anyone who is in need or considering alternative medication. The staff was very compassionate and helpful. Dr. Gold listened carefully to my concerns and felt I would benefit with the use of med. marijuana.
   I suffer from PTSD and have taken anti-anxiety meds for years. I wanted to find an alternative that could lessen my condition without being so zoned out. I had contacted all the clinics that were licensed and found many who clearly were in it for the money. MMJ is the only one who sounded professional. From the intake with Corinne to my appointment with Dr. Gold I knew I had found the right group. I also feel confident that I can rely on them for any additional support I might need.

KW, Liberty. 1/20/2015.
   I was so amazed at how kind they were at the Damariscotta office. Friendly and real. Knowledgeable and having the rare quality of actually listening to the patient! I recommend Dr. Li to everyone. His office person is amazing too. All in all one of the best doctor experiences I’ve ever had. 
KW, Rockport. 1/20/2015.
   I highly recommend MMJ. They are efficient, knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive.

ML, Newport. 1/20/2015.
   For over 20 years I've used marijuana to combat my chronic back pain. It allows me to relax and through inversion I am able to adjust my back daily. In doing so I have avoided a trip to the chiropractor in those 20 years. Before discovering the use of cannabis I visited a chiropractor several times a month. It was the inversion machine he brought into his clinic and my use of cannabis for pain relief that came together. As I learned how to adjust my back while inverting my chiropractor suggested I buy one and take care of myself at home. That was 20 years ago and it still works as I adjust my back daily. "ironing out the wrinkles before they become a full-blown."
   The professional care I received at Maine MMJ was very refreshing in this fast-paced world we live in. I did not feel like just a number, real compassion from caring professionals! Dr. Gold was very helpful and I look forward to re-certifying with them next year. 
CL, Kittery. 1/14/2015.
   No longer on chemotherapy. Mass is gone but pain in thoracic spine persists daily. All doctors I have seen for this pain say it is likely result of nerve damage in spine due to pressure exerted by mass.
   I can’t impress enough how effective and truly vital to my successful treatment and continued healing that medical marijuana has been. For the nerve damage in my spine I have found the use of medical marijuana to be very effective in pain management. If it is helpful for any potential patients, people who may be facing the same scary situation as I was, I would be happy to write a testimonial for the medical marijuana program in general.

LS, Sabattus. 1/2/2015.
   I visited your practice after many years of unsuccessful therapy and medications. I had been suffering from flashbacks and could not remember the last time I slept through the night without having a nightmare. My quality of life suffered greatly due to past traumas as well as my relationships. After much thought and consideration I contacted Maine MMJ. I was very nervous and did not know what to expect. I met with Dr. Li and he listened. It was an amazing non-judgmental appointment. He understood and gave me great information. I left the appointment feeling optimistic for once in a very long time.
   I am happy to say that switching to medical marijuana therapy has changed my life. I sleep through the night and am able to function as myself again. I have been able to go back to school an attend college and am doing very well. My relationship is so much better with my partner and my children, but mostly I am at peace with myself. Thank you Dr. Li for listening and helping me have a better quality of life.
EK, Nobleboro. 12/16/2014.
   On 12/13/14 I had my appointment with Dr. Li. I was amazed how well the whole process went. I feel relief from not being a second-class citizen anymore. I can smoke with a new freedom. It helps me so much in dealing with my issues. I would recommend more people do this!
EP, Clinton. 12/7/2014.
   I have been dealing with neck and shoulder pain for the past 2 years was told by a friend that cannabis could help me out. I contacted Dr. Li with a ton of questions and he took the time to answer every one making sure that it was the right treatment for me. Anyone dealing with pain like I was needs to contact him soon and get help. This is the first time in years I’m close to pain free and I owe all my thanks to Dr. Li and his office.
KD, Jefferson. 12/4/2014.
   The staff and doctor were very professional! They answered every question I had and left an open line in case I ever needed anything. I have found using the MMJ to be very helpful. Currently I am taking it with my other pain medications, which is working very well! I am finally sleeping better and my mood has changed drastically! I am so much more relaxed and happy. I wish I had started using this years ago! I have always recommended Maine MMJ to everyone I know and will continue to do so. Thank you again for all your help!
LM, Hanover. 12/3/2014.
   I would like to say that this has been one of the best experiences I have had. From the emails to the office visit, the staff and Dr. Li were amazing. They made you feel very comfortable right from the start. Dr. Li was very interested in you and what you have tried and what you can do to make it better. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs an MMJ card.

TJ, Waterville. 12/3/2014.
   I would like to thank both Corinne and Dr. Gold for their time and compassion, as well as the utmost professionalism, while making me feel right at ease in what could be for some an otherwise awkward, painful, or emotionally difficult time. We are all there because "normal" medication has failed us at one point or another and we are seeking an alternative. Thank you Dr. Gold for allowing us that have such unfortunate conditions a choice. Remember nothing is forever...
   But if it is chronic pain one suffers from, then again Dr. Gold I thank you for supporting what America is about, the right to choose your own healthcare. And for those who may judge, last I knew we all had only one person to answer to in the end. Best office by far to go to get your card. Time is spent with you, laws are explained, and hugs exchanged. What a wonderful experience! Thanks again!
JB, Madison. 12/1/2014.
   The appointment with Dr. Li was very smooth. We went through my chronic pain issues (it's a big file!) and he checked out the issues bothering me the most. Reception was also FANTASTIC as I got lost and she took mercy on me by CALLING ME and directing me to the office, back across the river.
GS, Millinocket. 11/30/2014.
   I did want to write and thank you and the staff for doing what you do. The atmosphere was very calming and they really care. I would recommend Maine MMJ to any one thinking about trying medical marijuana to ease their pain. It has certainly helped me and I want to thank you again for that. 
LG, Waldoboro. 11/29/2014.
   First, I'd like to thank the staff at Maine MMJ for all that they do. I spoke with Corinne and Dr. Li during my initial appointment and was treated with respect, understanding and compassion. All of my concerns were addressed and both Corinne and Dr. Li took time to answer any questions I had. These two individuals are the epitome of professionalism and I left their practice with confidence and hope. Recommendations all around.
GS, Fairfield. 11/25/2014.
   Dr. Li and staff are both professional and compassionate. I recently brought a reference who met with Dr. Gold. Both our experiences were positive and comfortable. Very down to earth. No pain clinic and almost pill-free thanks to MMJ. 
RB, Sidney. 11/25/2014.
   My experience at MMJ was great. Not my first clinic but MMJ will be my last. They treated me with respect were very knowledgeable. Dr. Gold was very understanding and helpful. The staff is also outstanding. Looking forward to my next visit. By the way less pain, no meds. 
CW, Falmouth. 11/24/2014.
   I would like to thank the staff and especially Dr. Li for their compassion and helpfulness. Dr. Li spent considerable time with me making sure I was fully educated about medical marijuana. I appreciated his caring and helpful manner ... and the fact he made sure I knew I could call him at any time with questions or concerns. I don't think I could have found a nicer or more knowledgeable doctor than Dr. Li and for that I'm grateful. The medical marijuana has helped lower my 24/7 pain levels, increased the length of time I can sleep without the pain waking me up, and alleviated my anxiety. It was a positive experience all the way around.
   It was refreshing to speak with a doctor who has an open mind about medical marijuana and is clearly knowledgeable about its benefits ... he is truly a gem.
JG, Whitefield. 11/24/2014.
   Thank you to Maine MMJ Services and Dr. Li for providing me with the piece of mind that I now have. I had been self-treating for quite some time for significant arthritis issues that caused pain and severe insomnia. I had found night relief some time ago with marijuana, I grow myself but was always nervous about being charged with the crime of cultivation. I am not a recreational user and as an older person with a physically demanding job, it is great to have a non-pharmaceutical / non-chemical option for my pain issues. I am very appreciative that you are available to folks like me.
JR, Nobleboro. 10/5/2014.
   Good news. Have not had a severe ulcerative colitis occurence in about 6 months and taking fewer meds! Thank you!

GV, Waldoboro. 9/21/2014.
   I wish to thank those at MMJ, especially Dr. Gold, who was very helpful in explaining everything to me. I no longer have to take as many pills and my days are much more tolerable. The staff has been awesome! 
KP, Lewiston. 9/18/2014.
   I would just like to say the professional, courteous and non-judgmental customer service I received was wonderful. I felt completely comfortable going through this process with Maine MMJ. I thank you for your help in obtaining my certificate as I now live a more pain free life :-)

GW, Camden. 9/11/2014.
   Dr. Li is a very compassionate and extremely helpful person. His staff is also understanding of patient needs. I feel as though it is extremely important for patients to educate themselves about the medical value that MM can provide. I’d suggest learning about the different strains and which can fit your need best. If approached properly, MM can provide great relief from your condition. I would not hesitate one bit to call Dr. Li, as I know he cares. Thank you for your support! 
Anonymous. 9/8/2014.
   I am a professional working in a managerial position in a work force where all my peers have a negative stigmatism around the use of marijuana for medicinal use. That is the reason I selected to travel so far. I was treated with respect. All my questions answered. It was a professional setting. Best my privacy was respected! 
ML, Harpswell. 9/8/2014.
   I was very impressed by Dr. Li's knowledge of medicinal marijuana and his willingness to share it with me. He was kind and pleasant and I have recommended his service to others.
HM, Freeport. 8/28/2014.
   I was very pleased with my appointment. I was treated with respect and compassion. I have spread the word to others in need of your services. Thank you.

JA, Woolwich. 8/9/2014.
   The pressure readings in my eyes due to glaucoma have gone down and stayed down.  

RH, Ellsworth. 8/7/2014.
    Thanks so much for the service you provide. I came to you last year after years of back pain but more recently I had broken my neck from a fall off my deck and also suffered from some PTSD. MMJ has definately helped deal with the pain both physically and mentally. 
SA, Augusta. 8/2/2014.
    Absolute kudos to Dr. Li and staff at MMJ for a very personable and professional experience. My PTSD is controlled and my pain mess is gone. I am sleeping at night and enjoying a better quality of life. Dr. Gold also helped my son with his abdominal migraines and with the use of medical marijuana he is now able to live pain free and eat. Thank you MMJ for taking the time to provide courteous, understanding, and professional medical help where others failed to do so. We'll be back to recertify. You change lives and I'm very grateful!
NA, Belfast. 8/2/2014.
   For me the entire experience with your office has been wonderful. Your staff is very professional. They answered all of my questions. I was happy that we could meet on Skype, since I do not own a vehicle.  Once we met, I was quite surprised how fast I received my certification for medical marijuana. I will look forward to meeting again with you next year to renew it. 
JC, Rumford. 8/1/2014.
   I had a very professional and easy experience with Maine MMJ. I was pre-certified via a very cooperative email exchange and was able to drive out to Damariscotta with the reassurance that I had already had my medical history assessed before I took the trip. Dr. James Li was very professional and understanding of the hardships associated with anxiety and uncertainty in regards to pursuing medicinal cannabis recommendations. I was welcomed to the office and seen immediately. The entire staff was very friendly and supportive. This is a quality organization, and their pricing can't be beat. I highly recommend Maine MMJ.

LR, Bangor. 7/30/2014.
   Maine MMJ is amazing. The doctor is wonderful and the receptionists are very nice and answers any and all questions you may have. MMJ gave me my life back. Thank you Dr. Li.

RM, Pittsfield. 7/24/2014.

   The medical marijuana has helped me out tremendously with the migraines, as well as with my chronic nausea and insomnia. I find that the 50/50 or 60/40 works out best for migraines and nausea and 80/20 works best for insomnia. Thank you so much for this opportunity, as it has improved my quality of life.

DP, Durham. 7/7/2014.

  I give MMJ Physician Services, and my meeting with Dr. Li, my highest assessment.  I immediately felt welcomed upon arriving. Indeed, Dr. Li and his staff were professional, personable and genuine. Any nervousness prior to my arrival quickly dissipated.  As soon as I entered, I felt a comfortable sense of feeling safe and welcomed.  
   I am very fortunate to benefit from their services. Being a very pragmatic person, I have great respect for what works. To keep this brief and to the point, my experience was very positive.  
PM, Camden. 6/30/2014.
   Thank you Dr. Gold. You are an inspiration to me and have therefore transformed a lifetime of PTSD symptoms to a balanced way of life. I have now slept peacefully for the first time in 40 years without yelling in my sleep, no more night terrors. Specific tinctures have replaced the zolpidem (Ambien) that I was habituated on for over 17 years. I now wake up refreshed, not in a pool of sweat, not anxious.  My family also thanks you. The folks at MMJ are compassionate, listen closely to who you are in what circumstances that bring you to the appointment. I was very impressed. Recommend this No Stress process.
VL, Waterville. 6/27/2014.
  We want to thank the doctor so so much. Both of our lives have changed. I'm eating again and maintaining my weight. And my husband did great getting through his treatment. He never would of made it without the medical cannabis.

BB, Gouldsboro. 6/5/2014.
   This has been a great year for me. I finally am up to the ideal weight 
that i always list on my DL! LOL. Also, I have far less anxiety and no longer need any meds for that or for sleep 
either. I was very pleased when I accidentally discovered that some of the skunky sativas helped combat
 the severe hot flashes i was having. 

Thank you Dr. Li for being here for all of us. The quality of my life is far better than it has been for many many
 years. I can honestly say that I am not depressed anymore and have a lot more energy.
CC, Somerville. 5/31/2014.
   The entire experience with MMJ Physician Services was caring and professional right from the first contact online. The people who work in the office are extremely helpful. Dr. Li is very knowledgeable. He answered all of my questions and he offered up a wealth of new information during the visit. I felt very at ease and welcomed by everyone at the practice. I highly recommend MMJ Physician Services.

LE, Gardiner. 5/29/2014.
   Thank you for the most productive and enlightening doctors appointment I've had in (at least) ten or fifteen years. :) I'll let you know if I need any help with specialist referrals, hopefully in the near future. Thank you again so much for your understanding and for taking the time to listen, I have total confidence sending folks your way!

HP, Winter Harbor. 5/29/2014.
   Well let me start by saying you will not find a more accommodating bunch than MMJ. From the very first step to the last they were more than helpful, working with me to find the easiest avenue. They are professional and courteous pleasant. It is a pleasure to be a patient at MMJ.

JN, Appleton. 5/26/2014.

   I am happy to have the opportunity to provide feedback about my experience with MMJ Physician Services. My primary care physician referred me and the process was extremely simple. Having been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, medical marijuana has been a miracle drug for me. There are times I feel as though I can't cope, which exacerbates my ability to sleep... it's been a vicious cycle. Having access to medical marijuana has made a huge difference in my life. I must thank Dr. Gold and Dr. Li for their compassion, empathy and for being so supportive through this process.

BP, Alna. 5/26/2014.
   I found Maine MMJ to be a welcoming and warm environment, professionally run, and with physicians who answered my questions and concerns with directness and compassion. I highly recommend it as a possible option for others like myself who suffer from chronic pain issues. 

RL, Brewer. 5/12/2014.
   Dr. Gold... I can say I feel great. I’m sleeping nights. I’ve gained weight. No more headaches, which is great. Restless legs are under control. Thank you for your help in getting me where I’m at.

Anonymous, Damariscotta. 5/11/2014.
   After a short interview with Dr. Li, who I found warm, caring and knowledgeable, I received my license, or card for medical marijuana. I easily found a “caregiver” locally – haven’t been to the dispensary yet, but will. For years, I’ve had lots of pain in lots of places, and have a prescription for a very small amount of Oxycontin, which I take daily, and I can usually function all right (although the pain is always there, at a 2 to 5). But there are days and/or nights when the pain is simply too much to be contained. The primary source of the pain is in my leg and foot, the sciatic nerve, for which I’ve had two back operations, and I can’t be helped by any more operations. I’ve tried four different strains, and they all just STOP the pain! I’ve wondered whether the blood that usually goes to the pain was just being diverted – primarily to my stomach with the munchies, and head stuff. But I’ve studied it, and no, the pain is just GONE, often within five minutes – and before the side effects from the THC set in. Honestly, I don’t like the “high” but it’s certainly better than the alternative! I’ll be seeking a strain with a lower THC, which I’m confident I’ll find. So for me, especially for nerve pain, it is a really beautiful thing to have this relief from chronic pain. I encourage you to consider this form of medicine. 

TM, Kennebunkport. 5/5/2014.

  Please allow this to serve as the highest possible recommendation of MMJ Physicians Services. Following spine surgery and debilitating neck and back pain since 1966, I was referred to Dr. Li by my primary care physician. I cannot imagine a more compassionate, capable and accommodating physician than Dr. Li. With a thorough review of my medical history and lengthy prescription list, he suggested that cannabis might offer a healthier option for chronic pain relief. With friendly concern, he and Kim, his assistant, have made every effort to ensure that this treatment is successful. I am very grateful.  

JD, Farmington Falls 4/27/2014.

  The staff at Maine MMJ were extremely friendly, professional, and caring. I will continue to pass their information along to others seeking a quality experience while achieving their medical marijuana certificate.

HM, Newcastle. 4/25/2014.
   The clinic staff and Dr. Gold made what could have been a more difficult certification process very easy. As you can imagine, my mother is not familiar with the issues that surround the MMJ process. However, our medical system has diligently tried to help her chronic nausea and IBS without success. Therefore, she was willing to try this new treatment method. The staff there were very quick to respond after each step of the process was met and to answer all questions we had. Dr. Gold was very affirming in dealing with my mother and very, very helpful in helping us understand and locate appropriate caregiver resources. Since my mother has been using a tincture medication, she has not had a day of nausea. To put that in context, you must know that she has been sick daily for at least ten year and has been through all the appropriate gastrointestinal tests and a myriad of prescribed medications that often help treat her condition. Yet, her chronic gastritis was always the diagnosis and always unable to be treated. She has not had any off-putting side effects from the tincture and does not experience any changes to her mental state (which was very important to her).

BZ, Caribou. 3/26/2014.

   I can't even begin to tell you what medical marijuana has done for me. I have been given my life back. After dealing with chronic pain for more than a decade, enduring 4 surgeries and every treatment under the sun, I turned to Maine MMJ Physician Services in a moment of desperation... As a mother, as a wife and as a human being, my chronic abdominal pain affected every single part of my life.  I was bedridden for days and even months at a time and on so many medications, I felt like a zombie.  Last week, I spent the afternoon outside digging snow caves with my 9 and 3 year old daughters.  I sat back in satisfaction and watched them play and knew in my heart that without my new medicine, the afternoon would have never been possible. I have Dr. Li to thank for that. The professional service provided by his assistant, his quick accommodation of me as a patient who we would be travelling from a distance, his thorough evaluation of my medical records and the time spent discussing my history and diagnosis were all so comforting as I had many questions and was so unsure of the process. Everything was handled quickly and confidentially. Thank you so much!

CF, Belfast. 3/20/2014.

   It was wonderful to be seen by Dr. Gold. Such a caring, warm, compassionate, and yet professional doctor, something I am not familiar with. She understood that medical marijuana was what was best to keep me on an even keel. Corinne in the office is great too. She was so easy to talk to on the phone. I am so glad I went to Maine MMJ.

SM, Bangor. 3/12/2014.

   Dr. Li is very educated about medical marijuana and is a very nice person. Kim is a very knowing and caring person also! I have the symptoms, got my certificate, what more can you ask for! Thank you Dr. Li, Kim, and Corinne!

KJ, Orono. 2/19/2014.

   I recently had an appointment with Maine MMJ Physician Services to evaluate whether the use of medical cannabis is a good option for me to manage chronic pain.  From the time I initially contacted the office for an appointment I was treated courteously, professionally and in a timely manner by everyone at Maine MMJ. Dr. Li was compassionate and knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. He felt that I would benefit from the use of medical cannabis. I was a bit skeptical, but followed through with his recommendations. To my happy surprise my decades old pain is mostly gone. Consequently, I am sleeping through the night and not starting (or ending) my day with pain.  

SS, Camden. 2/21/2014.

   At the advice of Wellness Connection, after they sat with me and discussed my disease and the pain I endure, I tried 4 different medications over the past couple of weeks.    
   1. Tincture oil. Eased my pain without a foggy feeling. Short period of relief.
   2. Medi Bud. Greater relief of pain although had to sit as effect was foggy.
   3. Kush. Helped with the pain as well as the Medi Bud yet caused instant sleepiness.
   4. MOB. Allowed me relief by causing extreme fatigue, which helped me to sleep.    
   In conclusion I have found a variety of medicines are helping me cope with the pain and allowing me to get some sleep. Although, the pain is never completely gone, when taking these medicines it's tolerable. No previous medications I have been given over the last 14 years have relieved my pain at all.
   Thank you for helping me get relief. I have a quality of life now.   
TK, Hope. 1/14/2014.
    I am very pleased that there is an alternative to pain medication. Marijuana has helped me greatly to cope with my chronic pain. I would like to thank Dr. Li and his staff for being there.

BA, Lincolnville. 1/14/2014.
   From my first phone call, I was met with friendly and professionalism which helped me with everything I needed to do so when I got my appointment I would be all set. Everyone there was very helpful and gave me good information. Thank you for all your help.
DM, Wayne. 11/29/2013.
   I want to thank Dr. Li for his sincere compassion, knowledge, and professionalism. I highly recommend his practice if you are seeking a natural path to pain relief. Thanks to Kim also for working around my schedule.
PC, Lowell. 11/3/2013.
   My diagnosis of glaucoma came at a very early age due to genetic birth anomalies. I have been taking conventional prescription medication for many years and there are few drug options; two years ago an additional medication was added because the job of IOP reduction wasn't happening - a signal to the nearing end of conventional relief. My ophthalmologist at the Maine Eye Center in Portland stated a clear belief that medical cannabis would help but certification for use is not an offered service at their practice.
   Research lead me to the folks at Maine MMJ and I found them to be understanding, supportive, and open about the benefits of medical cannabis combating glaucoma. From me they required a diagnosis from my ophthalmologist and a list of the prescriptions I take for my condition. At the meeting Kim and Dr. Li (the folks on duty that day) were discreet and professional; they openly demonstrated concern for my well being.
   I recommend the folks at Maine MMJ to all seeking relief from affliction - you'll find compassion in their care.

RH, Ellsworth. 10/31/2013.
   I have suffered from chronic lower back pain for the past 35 years as a result of a car accident. A more recent injury, which added more pain, finally made me seek alternatives to the normal regimen of pills, etc. I asked my primary care physician what his thoughts were about medical marijuana and if he thought I might benefit from it. He felt that it was worth trying and he and his staff would provide any paper work that would be required for me to get me certified.
   The cost for this was important to me since my insurance would not be covering it. After doing some research on the Internet, I came across MMJ, which appeared to charge a very reasonable first time and renewal price. I left my phone number and got a call back from Kim that same day. She was very helpful and made the whole paperwork process very simple.
   Two weeks later I met with Dr. Li. All I can say is that he is an amazing person and took the time to explain the different types of green meds and what they are best suited for especially my condition. Dr. Li is so knowledgeable and helpful, you'll be glad you made the call.
   Thank you MMJ for giving me the tools to change my life.

AN, Kenduskeag.10/30/2013.
     I was happy with Maine MMJ's discretion and caring during the process of getting my prescription. They answered my questions and concerns and made the whole thing easier. Dr. Li is great and truly cares about meeting the needs of his patients.   

DH, Skowhegan. 10/29/2013.
   I went to a local doctor for over a year. They gave me more pain for my efforts. I want to thank Dr. Li and his staff for their help and kindness. And for treating me like a person. I would say to any vets out there that Dr. Li can help. Come here. You will be treated with respect.  

“A friend” (name withheld by request), Bremen. 10/28/2013.
   I have only good things to report about Dr. Li and his entire practice. They are professional, compassionate, knowledgeable, and friendly. I highly recommend their practice and am pleased to be using this new treatment program. My life has changed for the better, no doubt. Thank you Dr. Li and the staff of MMJ.  

SH, Richmond. 10/28/2013.
   I would give Dr. Li and staff a 5-star review. I was very nervous about seeking out medical marijuana as a way to control the eye pressure and pain associated with glaucoma. I had heard many negative comments from people about medical marijuana 'just being a way to smoke pot legally', and personally, didn't want to be associated with that stigma. However, after years of seeing one of the best eye specialists in the state and still having uncontrollable eye pressure and partial blindness, a surgery, (facing another surgery) and depending on expensive eye drops twice daily, I decided it was at least worth a visit. Dr. Li suggested I talk with the people at the dispensary to determine what is working best for glaucoma patients and to experiment until I find what works for me. It may be somewhat of a process to find just the right one, and I hope the search will be worth it. I'd prefer to use an all-natural plant to lower my eye pressure over the expensive eye drops I'm using, and I pray it works out that way for me.
   For any of you who are struggling with the moral implications of this issue, I would recommend you schedule an appointment to at least explore it as a possibility for improving your symptoms and/or condition. After all, it's a plant that has nothing added. You don't have to smoke it if you don't want to, nor do you have to get 'high' from it to get the benefits. It's an alternative medicine and it should be viewed that way. Be well.
GP, Benton. 10/28/2013.
   I found your service to be very pleasant and easy to accomplish. Being a patient and a caregiver it is very important to me to be able to count on getting my recommendation renewed when needed. Thank you for your courteous and kind help with my issues. I applaud you for your help with others that need this service and will definitely pass the word on. Now that I am legal again I can continue to help others like myself that find a better quality of life using medicinal cannabis. Again, thanks for your compassionate service.
Local physician and MMJ patient (name withheld by request), Midcoast island region. 10/3/2013.
   Dr. Li at the MMJ clinic is an excellent and compassionate physician whose office is comfortable and secure. His well-informed recommendations have changed my life. He is the person to see for assessing the potential value of medical marijuana for chronic medical conditions.

JES, Wells. 10/1/2013.
     For sometime I have wanted to end my dependence upon opiate-based meds for health issues. I had managed to stop my dependence with help from a friend last December. I knew if I did not find someway to maintain this help, I would be back to opiate-based meds real soon. I reached out to MMJ, because to me, just the tone of the website seemed right. The process was easy to follow and an appointment can be quickly made.  Dr. Li and his staff were caring, thoughtful, discreet, and thoroughly professional.  And on an even more personal note, I would like take this opportunity to thank them.  No way I'm going back to opiates now.  

DH, Jefferson. 9/30/2013.
   I would like to take this moment to thank Kim and Dr. Li in the Damariscotta office. I say all good things about the services provided at this office. I have so much pain and have seen so many doctors for so long and have never really received the right stuff for my problems. Dr. Li is one sharp cookie. He looked over my medical records and talked with me about my issues. At the end of my appointment, I walked-out of his office with a certificate for medical marijuana. And I can honestly say that this medicine helps a lot with my pain and inflammation (along with my sleep issues and my depression). I'll say "way to go Dr. Li, high five" and thank you very much. I highly recommend your services to others with issues.

PS, Bath. 9/30/2013.
   Their knowledge and professionalism from the first call to the office visit were fantastic. Dr. Li and his staff were so helpful with any questions I had in obtaining my certificate.

KP, Pemaquid. 9/26/2013.
   I have tried a few strains of medical marijuana, as you suggested. I am truly astonished to find that one strain in particular, MOB, is highly effective for the neuropathy. As you said, the effect when smoked is immediate, and for me, profound. It has taken pain of 8/10 to a 2/10 more than once for me now.
   When we met with you Dr. Li, you explicitly offered hope. I will say I was wary of believing this, which is natural for someone with my history. But that hope was justified, and I am deeply grateful.
   Thank you both for doing what you are doing. It truly has changed my life.

JG, Brunswick. 8/10/2013.
   Dr. Li and staff were very helpful and supportive about medical marijuana and its uses. I had been taking 500 mg of morphine a day to battle chronic pain and am now taking just 30 mg and getting ready to stop taking altogether. I finally have my life back and am grateful to Dr. Li. I will definitely recertify with them and give their name to anybody who has any questions about it. 

JD, Bristol. 8/5/2013.
   Exceptional place to get an evaluation or cannabis recommendation. Safe, clean, and the doctor is very sincere and helpful. Truly a great doc. I made an appointment and was seen the same day and had my recommendation ready to go after the doc went over all my past medical history from start to finish. The staff is very helpful and passionate about the cause and the price is far more acceptable than most other clinics. I really felt that my privacy would be protected and that was a big concern.


CR, Boothbay. 8/2/2013.
   Dr. Li and staff: thank you for what you do. My back pain is finally gone!

CE, Boothbay. 8/3/2013.
   I'm finding it difficult to write a review of your services and not take up several pages. In as effort to keep it as short as possible, anyone who is dealing with pain or many of the other maladies requiring prescription drugs can only improve their well being and reduce all the nasty side affects of those drugs by seeking your help. The medicinal benefits of marijuana have been documented thru the ages and thanks to Drs. like you those benefits have finally been brought back to the people that need them. I (as I am sure your other patients) deeply appreciate your very professional approach to administering this medication, with an office staff and surroundings that reduces the stigma of obtaining medicine that has been unjustly demonized for way too long. My thanks to you and your staff and hopes for a long successful practice.   

WD, Bath. 8/3/2013.
   When I called about making an appointment, I was contacted right away. It was even a weekend, but I got a call from the receptionist. She was extremely helpful in answering my questions. I was told to have my PCP send in my records, which she did. Everything went very smoothly. When I went in for my office visit, I found Dr. Li professional, friendly and helpful. He answered all my questions. This office went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. I learned that there are more benefits than I knew of and am very excited about seeing my health improve.   

ED, Rockland. 8/3/2013.
   My experience with MMJ was a very positive one. The office was very clean, professional and Kim (the Office Manager) is super friendly and very helpful. Dr. Li was extremely thorough in reviewing my medical records that were faxed over by my family doctor. The meeting with Dr. Li was informative and I had all my questions answered before I left. I highly recommend Dr. Li and the MMJ office.

NS, Palmyra. 8/3/2013.
   Your office is a lifesaver! Not only have I stopped all my pain meds, but my glaucoma is tolerable now. The time you took looking through my medical records amazed me. It truly shows that you do care on what you are doing and want to do the right thing. You knew more about me than my regular family doctor. But, your office is A++ in my book. Friendly staff and nice clean office was a plus as well. Keep up the good work!!!!

KG, Thomaston. 6/24/2013.
   My entire experience with Maine MMJ and Dr. Li was exceptional! Their website was very helpful and their staff was extremely supportive and positive, which was fantastic because I was a first-time patient and was admittedly a little nervous to begin inquiring about this particular form of treatment. Dr. Li was professional, knowledgeable, friendly, understanding and truly believed in the treatment. He had even visited the dispensary in the town where I reside and vouched for their professionalism. He was able to answer all of my questions and quell any nervousness or anxiety about trying this form of treatment with his supportive and down-to-earth nature. Since beginning treatment, I have seen a vast improvement in my chronic pain and have been able to sleep through the night. The amount of prescription pain pills I was taking previously has been reduced to half, and I no longer require sleeping medication while utilizing medical marijuana. I have even seen a noticeable decrease in the amount of migraines I normally experience since beginning treatment in May 2013. I would highly recommend Dr. Li and Maine MMJ to anyone seeking to learn about or try medical marijuana as a form of treatment. His professionalism and down-to-earth approach made the process simple and painless. It was an absolute pleasure working with Kim and Dr. Li at Maine MMJ.

BS, Brunswick. 6/21/2013.
   My experience with Dr. Li was very professional, educational and helpful. Dr. Li listens very well, offers advice specifically related to one's interests and concerns (we even discussed other health issues -- vegetarian dietary patterns and longevity). He is the type of doctor who does not flaunt his medical authority and communicates with respect for the patient. The office was very clean and comfortable with a beautiful view of the harbor. I will definitely go back to MMJ and I am so pleased I found them! Love the old-fashioned Mary Jane candies at the receptionist's desk!  

AW, Bath (back pain). 7/26/2013.
   I was a little unsure of what to expect going to the appointment for certification. Being in the healthcare profession myself, I wasn't even sure that this was an option for me. I did know that I did not want to take NSAIDs the rest of my life to try and control my back pain. I did know that my back pain was controlling my life. Dr. Li and Kim at Maine MMJ are kind and professional. They are there for you. They are on your side. I would recommend Maine MMJ to anyone looking to pursue an alternative form of treatment. My pain and quality of life have improved drastically.

DS, Orland (back pain). 6/8/2013.
   My experience with Maine MMJ Service was outstanding. Everyone in the office went out of their way to be extremely helpful. If some one is truly in need of alternative medicine, I would recommend Dr. Li and his staff to help them through the process. Top shelf.

AT, Isleboro (rheumatoid arthritis). 5/25/2013.
   The new medication is working wonderfully. I have gone ahead with a raw cannabis juicing program and it has been doing wonders really. I will add that the juicing is being done along with a mostly vegan diet. It took me a little while to get set up with enough raw cannabis to be able to juice every day but after doing it now for 3 weeks I have completely dropped my traditional rheumatoid drugs. Now at most I will take one Aleve in the morning. Former medication included methotrexate, leflunomide, folic acid and Celebrex. It's the first time in almost 6 months I've been able to go to the gym.

JT, Bangor (psoriatic arthritis). 5/18/2013.
   My experience with MMJ was fantastic! Prior to my appointment I was pretty nervous about the whole thing, but the entire staff at MMJ went above and beyond to make it a very relaxed and informative experience. Thank you to all at MMJ!!

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    Julie R.
Auburn, ME
5.0 star rating
Dr. Li and his staff took very good care of me. I have a lot of pain and I was extremely nervous about talking to a doctor regarding marijuana. He was not only very forthcoming and open about it, he even made sure to recommend other ways to take the marijuana so that it doesn't bother my COPD. He also went over my vitamin regimen with me to make sure I was taking what will help me because one of my medicines has a side effect of decalcifying your bones after years of use, and he was quick to let me know I needed to add magnesium so the calcium would take. My other doctors never even seemed to notice it, they certainly didn't tell me, and Dr. Li took the time out. He or his staff have answered MANY questions from me and they are quick and knowledgeable about many subjects.

This is THE doctor to go to if you need medical marijuana and are afraid to ask your primary. He is the best! I luv Dr. Li and all his staff.
Photo of Jennifer G.
    Jennifer G.
Rockland, ME
5.0 star rating  5/1/2013
I was very comfortable meeting Dr. Li & his staff. He not only answered all my questions but also sent me home w/ information that I could also go over myself. The office was overlooking the Damariscotta waterfront & was clean & professional in every way. I will definitely go back to Dr. Li to recertify in a year. Also will be using word of mouth & posters to put a good word out for Dr. Li & Maine MMJ.
Photo of C H.
    C H.
Ellsworth, ME
5.0 star rating  4/27/2013
This experience was professional and relaxing. Dr. Li and his staff have an excellent facility, and he is a compassionate and very knowledgeable physician. He answered all of my questions and I left his office feeling great about my decision to seek out the services of Maine MMJ.
Photo of Beth S.
    Beth S.
Damariscotta, ME
5.0 star rating  4/27/2013
Dr. Li is an exceptionally kind and thoughtful physician who answered all my questions about the Maine state law. The certification process was simple and the office is amazing, with views of the river, good music, and friendly staff. I felt very well cared for.