This page is for our prior established patients wishing to renew their medical marijuana certificates. DISCOUNT FOR CONTINOUS CERTIFICATION. We offer a discounted fee of $149 to our established patients for renewing their certification. To obtain the discount, patients must maintain continuous certification. Patients whose certification lapses more than 2 months must pay the normal $219 fee to renew and can do so by clicking here.

ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS FOR REFERRALS. For each person you refer to us who is successfully certified, we will further discount your renewal fee by $15. Just call or email us with the name of the person you refer and we will credit and notify you if a discount can be applied.

The purpose of medical marijuana is to allow our patients to reduce their dependency on more dangerous types of pain therapy. Thus, we reserve the right to deny renewals for patients who are on prescription opiates such as methadone, suboxone, or oxycodone who have not weaned themselves down from their opiate dosing since they were first certified by us. 

Once we receive payment, we will contact you with further details, if needed, on how to proceed.

Your discounted fee of $149 may be paid by credit or debit card using the button below. 

Alternatively, payment may be made by money order (not checks) to our mailing address:

Maine MMJ Physician Services
PO Box 24
Friendship, ME 04547-0024