“When we met with you Dr. Li, you explicitly offered hope. I will say I was wary of believing this, which is natural for someone with my history. But that hope was justified, and I am deeply grateful…” KP, Pemaquid.

Some prospective patients have asked how we are different from the new "walk-in" Canna Care offices. Unlike our practice, Canna Care (1) charges prospective patients a fee whether they are certified or not; (2) employs nurses rather than physicians to do their Maine certifications; and (3) does not require medical records to validate a qualifying condition.

Our physician practice specializes in providing Maine patients with state certification for use of medical marijuana.
We are located in the Midcoast region and our primary office is in Damariscotta. Our service is based on a mission of fairness, medical science, and clinical experience. We began this practice because of the low availability and high cost of Maine certification elsewhere in the state. 

We do not charge a fee if we cannot certify you. Patients who are new to us undergo a pre-screening process to determine whether they qualify for medical marijuana certification. Unlike other practices, we refund all fees paid to us if we cannot certify you for any reason. Also, unlike other practices that have certified patients for 3 to 6 month periods, we have always certified our patients for the full year allowed by Maine state law. 

We are traditional physicians who treat our patients with respect. Our patients see and discuss their conditions with one of our two board-certified medical doctors, each with over 20 years of clinical practice experience in general and critical care medicine. Certification services are only a fraction of their practices.

All of our patients have access to our doctors all the time. Contact with our medical doctors does not end when your appointment is over. Unlike other practices, our patients can communicate with our doctors by phone, email, or text at any time without additional charge. 

We certify our patients for less. Our price is $219 for new patients (discounted to $149 for repeat patients), unlike other practices around the state that charge more, have hidden fees, or require additional payments throughout the year. 
(For an unbiased comparison of Maine prices for marijuana certification, click here.)

For our established patients, we offer further discounts for referrals
. For each person you refer to us who is successfully certified, we will further discount all of your future renewals by $15. Just call or email us with the name of the person you refer and we will credit and notify you if a discount can be applied.

We abide by the state law that requires a patient’s qualifying condition be validated. In nearly all cases, this validation must come from a source external to the patient’s own word. Thus, we generally require prior medical records that confirm a prospective patient has a medical condition qualifying him or her under Maine’s marijuana law. In the past, other medical marijuana practices in Maine have been sanctioned by the state for failing to meet the law’s requirements.